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Our Simple 3 Step Renovation Process


This is where we sit and talk with you, listen and understand what you want and need in your renovation. From no idea of what you want, to a design scribbled on a napkin, we can help. Once we have worked with you on an initial design, we can give you an initial estimate on the budget for your project.


Once your design and budget is approved, we can move to our planning phase where we complete all plans and engineers drawings, plus all council and city approvals. We also map out your renovation construction schedule to fit around you and your lifestyle to achieve completion with as minimal fuss as possible.


This is where the fun begins as our team of expert builders and tradespeople bring your dreams to life. With one point of contact through the entire renovation process, you will be kept up to date and informed until your home is complete. From there on in - enjoy your newly renovated home and we wish you all the best!

Welcome to Smith & Sons

Who are we? We are professional, local quality builders who specialize in home remodeling. We love remodeling, and that passion is the key that drives our builders and tradespeople to deliver a fantastic home remodel that you will be proud of!

Right across Australia and New Zealand - and now the U.S, Smith & Sons are transforming homes and lives with great value, professional home remodels that allow their owners to live the lifestyle they have always wanted - now and into the future. We are bringing the excitement back into remodeling!

We listen to your home remodeling ideas, process them with you and ensure they will really work for your long term remodeling plans, have your plans drawn and approved, and then construct them with excellence. Ideas - Design - Plans - Approvals - Construction. Simple.

At Smith & Sons - our one goal is to ensure your project is an exceptional experience - not just an ordinary oldĀ remodel. We quantify this as exceptional service, staff, materials and construction - from our first greeting until we see you settled into your newly remodeled home.

See how easy we can make it to...

* Transform your home into the perfect environment for those you love,

* Improve your living space to suit your lifestyle requirements now and into the future, and,

* Increase the value of your home for greater financial returns.

Want to learn more about remodeling before taking the dive? Read our aticles here on...

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When remodeling with Smith & Sons, you will have an enjoyable experience, you will be getting a great value remodel, and you will be proud of your finished project.

So, if you have no idea of what you want, some idea, some rough plans scribbled on scrap bits of paper or a full set of plans, make the smart move and come and see us today.